My mother is a bird lover and she would ask me to drive her around to do bird watching. Soon I became interested in birds myself. We cruised the back roads of Pennsylvania, California, and Texas looking for unusual species. Years later I spotted this beautiful Chickadee on the branch of an apple tree outside my window in Pennsylvania and created this watercolor painting for her birthday.

For the orange belly of the Chickadee, I used a wet-on-wet technique. That way the color is deeper where I worked in the paint and it fades across the feathers. For the rest of the bird, I used dry-on-dry for sharper lines. Chickadees have a beak that is slightly bent to reach in nook and crannies on a tree to reach the bugs they love.

I wish I had photos of all the birds I painted. Blue jays, cardinals, robins and Oklahoma's Scissor-tailed Flycatcher are my favorites.

I love trying to catch the beauty of birds.

Written by Edmund Fratus . . . Copyright 9/26/2017