Curry Inn - Wedding Cake House

William Curry was a well-known shipbuilder and merchandiser in Key West. He was also known for something a little darker, he was a wrecker. Lighthouses came and went, there were plenty of opportunities for raising a false light to lure ships onto the reef. The wreckers plundered the wrecks and filled up their shops.

The Curry Mansion Inn caught my eye with its many shutters and intricate woodwork. Georgian-inspired wedding cake style, I found it a challenge. Everywhere are delicate scrolls under the eaves, just like you find on a wedding cake. Notice that the ceiling of the porch is painted light blue. Birds felt at home with the illusion of sky above them. Singing, scents and shade produced such a comfortable atmosphere that I laid in the grass in the foreground and took it all in.

I relaxed on the grass while I tried to capture this scene. Warm sun on my back, tourists murmuring while they passed on the sidewalk behind me, I took in the fragrance of the Island.

Written by Edmund Fratus . . . Copyright 9/26/2017