Shrimp Boats

Just north of Key West lies Stock Island, the hub of the Florida Keys shrimping business. This harbor lies close to our campground, I could walk there. With my pad and art box, I sat on a lobster trap to take in the scene. I admired the curving lines of the boats themselves and the towering booms holding massive shrimp nets. At sea these booms stretch out, casting nets that swallow the sea. If you look closely on the horizon, you can see one at work.

The Brenda Celeste, Draggin Wagon, and the High Hopes really exist: these are their real names. I waited in the sunshine until the ships returned from the sea so I catch this scene. Seagulls follow the ships in and out, hoping to catch some scraps.

Lobsters are caught along the reef but don't measure up to Maine lobsters. Always-present pelicans wait for the friendly seaman to toss them a treat.

I really like this spot with only the sounds of the birds to keep me company.

Written by Edmund Fratus . . . Copyright 9/26/2017